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this season is between me & God 🤍

so I originally wrote this message on 10/3/23 & it's just been sitting in my drafts, waiting for the 'perfect time' to post it. And I'll admit, I've been slow in that, spending too much time in my head, allowing imposter syndrome to stop me. But let me tell you, God is so patient with me and for that I'm grateful because I know that this message is long overdue. So with that being said, may this reach whoever needs to see it & may it fill your spirit up with peace. God is everywhere and in everything -- I hope that you can be still enough to witness all of the magic and miracles around you.

Love you 🤍

“Be still, and know that I am God”

psalm 46:10

Collectively, a lot of people are in a void right now & being pushed to embrace the unknown (myself included)... not really knowing what's next but called to be still, tune out distractions & just listen for God's direction.

Truthfully, so many people are constantly in 'go mode' --- the pandemic showed us that.

Operating day in and day out in excessive masculine energy that they never really give themselves a moment to slow down and hear God's word.

I know God speaks to everyone differently so when I say 'hear' God, that's however God shows up and communicates with you. Whether it's through the feelings you get, the signs and syncs you see, the songs you hear, those inner knowings, etc.

Everyone's relationship with God/Creator/Source is unique to them but one things for certain... it's more difficult to recognize how and when God speaks to you if you never give yourself a moment to be still in your own energy.

God is a miracle worker & wants to do big things in your life.

But this season requires obedience and discernment.

It requires you to show up and meet God half way -- by not only listening but really taking heed to the guidance then taking the inspired action steps to implement it.

So if you come across this message and it speaks to your Spirit,

I invite you to sit with it.

Get comfortable in the silence.

& ask God to guide you and order your steps.

Pay attention to the messages that come thru once you dedicate time to God.

Take notes and make moves when the time is right.

Because trust me, when the time is right, no man can stop what God has planned in your life.

a Great White Egret taking flight. photo taken by me on 10/10/23 --- excuse the blurriness. I skimmed through the Live Photos to get a still of it taking off.


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