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Adela came into my life like a beaming light 

When I was blessed to find Adela my life had so many twist and turns. From family issues, to moving, to parental issues and inner child work. 


Adela has handed me tools and taught how to work with them. She has showed me how to manifest my simple desires like buying my dream car, to showing how to be my true self as a projector. 


Adela has put a lot of effort into teaching me and guiding me She is generous with her time and talents. Adela listened carefully and shared tools and ideas that were tailored to my specific needs. I knew within the first two sessions that I was on the right track and with the right coach.


Adela’s guidance breathes life back into flagging hopes and dreams. I feel courageous and hopeful. I’m excited to continue my sessions with her in 2023. 

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