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This will be personalized with your name on it along with various signs, syncs, messages and songs that will be codes for your Higher Self to unlock. There will be limited availability for this offering, once it's sold out you will have to wait until the next restock.This is definitely an offering you can participate in each restock if you feel called to.


My suggestion with the Messages from Spirit is always to meditate on & journal about each message. If there’s songs, listen to them and add them to a playlist if you feel guided to. What emotions do they bring up for you? What about the lyrics? If there’s a date or years, what was going on for you during that time? (Both good and bad). Do you notice any patterns taking place? Do any words stick out to you? Above all, allow your Higher Self to guide you on how these messages resonate in your life. 


Make sure your first and last name are correct along with your shipping info.

If you live in the US -- I will be mailing these out to you (Many people wanted the physical copy of it to laminate, hang up or put in a book).  Once I complete your Messages from Spirit I will either email you or contact you via with a photo of your messages.


This service can take up to 21 business days (Monday-Friday) to channel your messages and email you the picture of your messages. Please be patient with me as it takes a lot of my energy to tap into each persons energetic field, channel the messages and make it pretty for you. Keep in mind, the mail will take a little longer to reach you (please be patient with me and our amazing mail carriers)


IF YOU'RE INTERNATIONAL (not located in the US): Unfortunately I will not be able to mail you a physical copy but if you'd like to take part in this offering, please email me @ to purchase yours. I'll be able to email you a picture of your Messages from Spirit. Payment will be accepted via Cash App, Venmo, PayPal or Zelle (whatever is available and easiest for you).  Please do not send payment until you confirm with me that I am able to add you to the list.

Messages from Spirit

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