Money Magnet- burn to welcome abundance (in all forms) & attract money and success into your life.
White Sage - burn to dispel unwanted vibes, purify & cleanse your space. 
Protection - burn to protect yourself & your space from negativity, harm or evil.
Dragon’s blood - burn to dispel negativity, call in protection and strengthen spells.
Open Roads (Abre Camino) - burn to open roads and clear the path to everything that is for your highest good (success, love, wealth, etc)
Positive Vibes - burn to bring positive vibes into your life & into your space. 
Cinnamon - burn to attract money, prosperity, business success, wealth and protection.
Good Luck - burn to bring continuous good fortune into your life.
Copal - purifies, protects & offered to the Spirits.
the Sun - great to burn on Sunday (ruled by the Sun) or daily to tap into your masculine energy ( as we have both masculine and feminine energy within us )
the Moon - great to burn on Monday (Moon day), daily during meditation to tap into your subconscious and get in tune with your emotions and creative energy or burn at night before bed.


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