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Elevate your business with our Call Client Incense, designed to attract more clients and customers to your space.

Start your day by burning this powerful incense to set the intention for a successful and prosperous day. 

Whether you're opening your business or reaching out to potential clients, this incense can help draw in your ideal clientele. Take a moment to journal about the characteristics and qualities you want to attract in your clients and customers, and give thanks for their presence in your business. Infuse your space with positive energy and abundance with our Call Client Incense.


ex: “Thank you God, Universe, Creator (whichever one you feel called to use) for aligning me with the perfect clients and customers. They are kind, understanding and generous. They always pour into my business & appreciate the services / products I offer.” etc.


Pair this incense with our Business Incense and our reiki charged Big Business candle.

Call Client Incense

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