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Introducing our BIG Business candle, handcrafted and Reiki charged to bring success and abundance to your business. Infused with powerful herbs and oils, this candle is designed to attract prosperity and growth. Simply burn the candle daily during business hours or before embarking on a new business venture to harness its full potential. While the candle burns, speak powerful business and success affirmations over your endeavors and visualize your business thriving. Align your actions with your intentions and watch as your dreams for your business become a reality. Take the first step towards a prosperous business with our BIG Business candle.


Suggestions: Pair with Business Incense, Call Client Incense, Money Magnet (Money Drawing spray), Call Money Incense, our Prosperity Incense combo or Fortune Incense.

• a Road Opener candle can be paired with it before any new business venture or project to open the roads.

I also suggest keeping a protection candle lit to protect your business from negative energy and send all evil eyes back to sender.

BIG Business candle

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