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In this PDF, you'll get a page full of Messages from Spirit (signs, syncs & downloads) for you to dive into. If your sun, moon, rising, venus or North Node signs are in Pisces, Cancer, or Scorpio... this is for you.

  • Purchase each element individually for $5.55 or get all 4 elements (Earth signs, Air Signs, Water Signs & Fire Signs) for $16.66


As always, feel free to check out all of the messages (for all elements) because we have every sign/element in our chart.  If these syncs are significant or you've been seeing them more frequently, there's a message here for you -- 444, 1155, 321, 909, 924


My suggestion is for you to get into a clear headspace, create a vibe where you're able to focus, get a notebook, specifically for Divine Guidance and take notes of the messages that resonate with you. (although I will always suggest taking notes and diving deeper on all of the messages even if they don't resonate right now, the messages are timeless and time is fluid.) Write down whatever comes to mind when you’re journaling about the messages Take logic out of the equation and tune into your intuition. Allow your higher self to guide you & have fun! Refer back to the messages throughout the month and add onto your notes. If there’s angel number syncs for your sign, feel free to look those up for additional messages too. Those numbers may already be showing up or they’ll begin to soon! Pay attention to the signs & syncs and take note of them throughout your day. Listen to the songs — have you heard them before? If so, when? Do any lyrics stand out to you? Does it remind you of anything?


Don’t be afraid to dive deep!


Once you checkout, the confirmation email will give you instant access to your download! 


If you have any trouble, please send us an email to with your order # and the issue.


Thank you so much for the love and support!

I hope you enjoy them!

May Messages from Spirit (Water Signs)

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